The most dangerous festival in Taiwan is the Firecracker festival“Beehive Firecracker”

Hi,I am Chiyoko.
I’m a journalist for festivals in the world.

About Taiwan festival

I introduce recommended festival from Taiwan.
I went there for “Firecracker festival” in Taiwan.
The official name of this festival is 『鹽水蜂炮』
The name of the festival is called “Beehive firecracker” in English.

I joined it. It was very dangerous!!

It’s me!!!!
A list of things You need

・full face helmet
・heavy clothes(like ski wear)
・ear plug

Firecrackers fly 360 degree!! It was like a war.
All items are for You don’t get hurt.
Don’t forget!

It was so painful because I was hit some firecrackers!!
I got some bruise!

I got 4 bruise

Please be careful and Enjoy the festival♡


When|Every February
Where|Tainan City

Official website|http://www.wumiao.idv.tw/tw/index.asp

【超危険】台湾の過激すぎる爆竹祭り『鹽水蜂炮』レポートわっしょい( ˆoˆ )/ 世界のお祭りを巡り続ける、奇祭ハンターのちよ子(@tailovene)です。 実は今年後厄のわたし・・...