Nowraz by the largest ethnic group in the world.

Hi,I am Chiyoko.
I’m a journalist for festivals in the world.

About Now raz

Today I’m talking about “Kurdish Spring Festival” which is held in Kurdistan.
This spring festival is called “Now raz”.

Kurdish has no specific country, but itself is the largest ethnic group in the world.

Kurdish living around the world hold “Now raz(spring festival)” on the same day, but celebrate it differently.

You can see Kurdish in traditional costumes walk through the mountains with torches in Kurdistan. It’s so impressive.

I could see the fire of torches in distant mountains, and it was amazing.
The fire of torches means “Victory for independence”.

“Now raz(spring festival)” is held for 2 days.
The first day is ”the eve of festival” and the second day is “the main festival”.

On the main festival, Kurdish enjoy a picnic with their family.
But, actually I feel “the eve of festival” is more enjoyable!

“Now raz(spring festival)” is held on the same day as Japanese Vernal Equinox Day.
Kurdish living in Japan also hold this “Now raz(spring festival)”!


When|Every 21th March

Official Website|http://bot.gov.krd/

国を持たない最大民族クルド人による春の祝祭『ノウルーズ』わっしょい( ˆoˆ )/ 世界のお祭りを巡る、奇祭ハンターのちよ子(@tailovene)です。 この度は良き縁を頂いて旅...